Difference Between Marriage And Modern Marriage

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There is a huge difference between marriage in the modern times and marriage in the traditional society. The advent of modernity has led to several challenges for marriage that were never experienced by couples in the past. The traditional society had well laid out rules on how differences in marriages are to be handled. Similarly, in traditional times life was less demanding and resources to support a family were easily available. The strong social fabric of the traditional society made it easier to handle stresses in marriage; the society had appointed specific people who were always in hand to iron out differences couples were going through. The social fabric of yesteryears is gone and it is in tatters; the individualistic nature of modern life makes it hard for people to share their problems. Marriage counsellors are available but they charge to offer their services; this complicates the issue of tackling marriage problems for the poor people in the society. …show more content…
The challenges are known to put a strain on a couple but the way couples handle the difficulties in marriage will either strengthen the marriage or deepen their differences drawing them further apart. It is a taxing affair to work out marriage problems in an understanding way since there are diverse sources of marriage problems. Marriage experts insist that couples who recognize that problems are abound to arise in a marriage have better chances of handling them without a negative effect on the marriage. Research has shown that couples in successful marriages have devised tactics of handling their differences thus keeping their love life alive. They employ various methods such as attending marriage seminars; seek the services of marriage counsellors, read relevant books and articles as well as observing successful

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