Diet Coke Essay

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Table of Contents Introduction: 3 Brand Inventory 6 Brand Elements: 6 Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Company Profile (appendix)– (To be added) 9 MARKETING MIX: 9 Product Characteristic and Attributes 9 Price 11 Promotion 12 Points of Parity and Points of Difference between Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi – (To be added) 15 Brand Exploratory 15 Brand Awareness 15 Brand Image 16 Interpretation of Brand Exploratory: 19

No one thought a drink sold for five cents a glass at a pharmacy would grow up to be one of the most recognized brands in the world. On January 31, 1895 the Coca-Cola trade mark was registered and a mere two years later it had setup syrup plants in more than three different American
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weight conscious consumers, diabetics and athletes).
Being a wordmark, Diet Coke’s logo is again descriptive of the product, hence meaningful and memorable. Although the font used in the logo is more contemporary than the original Coca Cola’s, their famous swoosh/curve is still used under the name. Since the first time Diet Coke had been introduced to the markets, its logo went through minor changes. Please see Appendix 2 for Coca Cola’s logo changes.
In 1982, when Diet Coke was first introduced in the U.S., to avoid confusion between the regular and the diet, they used a more contemporary font than that of “Coca Cola”. With time, they tried to incorporate the classic and stylish feel of Coca Cola into Diet Coke’s logo as shown below: In the current logo for Diet Coke, the word Diet is written in a smaller size to reduce the emphasis on “diet” and avoid negative connotations. Also, written in the original “Coca Cola” font to maintain the elegance associated with the brand while still differentiating the logo through the relatively modern font used for the word “Coke”. We also notice that “Coke” has been given more depth by adding a shadow to it to indicate its superiority over “Diet”.
Because red is passion and excitement, and white is purity and class, Diet Coke follows the lead of Coca Cola original in the colors used in its logo. Only for “Diet”, black is used instead of red to induce Coke’s expertise (Colors,

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