Irish Diaspora Influence

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The Diaspora’s Influence on the Peacemaking Efforts
In terms of aiding in peace, the Irish diaspora did a few different things that were absolutely vital to the establishment of peace in Ireland as well as the creation and signing of the Good Friday Agreement. Firstly to start it is important to note how important the US was in the development of peace. The US was not some small influence or bit part, but rather they were the “critical enabler and catalyst” for the peace talks that happened in Ireland (Feargal Cochrane, Bahar Baser and Ashok Swain 2009:685). With that idea in mind, it becomes easier to see actually how important of a role the diaspora played in the development of peace talks. The election of Clinton in 1993 proved to be of
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In answering this, it must be said that globalization in the modern scale was instrumental in the connections made between the two groups. First off, modern technology played a major role in the connections made between the groups. When looking at communication around the turn of the 20th century the technology existed for people in Ireland and America to communicate but it was nowhere near the scale or ease of access as it was in the late 1960’s and beyond. Even beyond just transcontinental communication, in the latter half of the 20th century, an organization like Noraid could easily spread its ideas and message to a very widespread group with relative ease. This would mean that it would simple to raise funds and rally people to an idea. To take this even further the technology that is linked to globalization is really one of the only reasons that it could happen. The advanced banking networks and systems allowed organization in the US to send money directly and swiftly to groups in Ireland. Previously, this process would have been costly and slow but instead technology meant it would take no time at all. Even beyond that the increased technology in transportation meant that shipping arms and any other type of good across the Atlantic became so much easier. These are just …show more content…
As a result, this means that although the Troubles are a good case study for diasporic involvement in the late 20th century, a case study is needed for the 21st century to truly analyze the effect of globalization on diasporic participation. A modern group that exemplifies this is the Islamic State (ISIL or ISIS). ISIS is a nationalistic group of sorts as its goal is to create a state with theocratic, religious role of the dark ages in the Middle East. The reason though that ISIS has been able to achieve almost stardom of sorts or infamy is through their abuse of technology. ISIS uses social media and other routes to not only recruit individuals and to spread their message, but also to make a name for themselves. They abuse the transportation networks to move agents and goods across international borders as to allow them to carry out attacks and recruitment. Then they use increased communication abilities to not only recruit individuals from the US and other nations, but also to coordinate their attacks and movements(James P. Farwell 2014:1). ISIS is able to abuse the diaspora that they created themselves by using the technology available in the 21st century to increase their influence and move towards their nationalistic

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