Diary Entry On The Silk Road

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Journal entry # 1
Chen march, 7, 209 I am turning 18 today and I am getting a will from my grandfather for all of his money, so today I am going to start out on a journey on the silk road. First i need to buy some supplies from my hometown beygin. First I will buy some silk pants and some weapons for some self protection. Next I will buy a silk banner ,a silk shirt ,and a glass plate. I also need to buy a sword and a bow and some arrows for protection or trading. The last thing I need to buy is a horse to carry my goods from point a to point b quicker. After i buy my horse I will set out to the silk road from my home town beygin. I have stopped and noticed that there are not that many paths from beygin to the capital of china.
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So I figured that he and I were headed the same direction and that we could stick together for the trip.
Chen July, 28, 209 So I asked him what his name was and he said that it was actius and they were headed back to Rome to trade some silk for some glass. When I asked him if he wanted to travel with me he said yes and plus it is safer to travel together than alone.
Chen August, 3, 209 I asked how he got stuck there and he said that he wandered off to the voices in his head and then the caravan left him behind.
Chen august, 5, 209 We are having to be very careful of how we use water because finding an oasis is very difficult and not easy. Journal Entry # 4
Chen august ,13
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When he left I wished him luck and hoped for good safe travels to him and he wished me luck to I don't think i will ever forget hi as a friend and a traveling companion. Today when i go into town i hope to find some pieces of iron and some glass bottles also some pieces of plants and seeds wouldn't be bad because when I retire I don't want to fall apart and become a pile of fat that just lies around all day yelling at people who pass by. For my retirement I want to be a farmer and to get daily exercise from chores that I do on a daily basis. Another thing I would like is a lesson book on buddhism and hinduism so I can learn what the gentlemen around the fire were talking about but besides the iron and seeds and glass I also see people starving and those who are fat and I think I should try to help those who are starving and so I am going to give 1 glass bottle to every family I see going hungry. Anyway its getting late and I need a place to stay again.
Chen october, 5, 209 Today I think that I am going to buy some of the orange tree seeds so that I can start a early retirement and so that I don't have to wait to buy some tomorrow. Today I couldn't find them and so I think I am going to just have to buy grape seeds and wait until tomorrow to get some orange tree seeds and I partially think that there is a trader here who even trades for seeds. Another thing I would like

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