Devilbiss Healthcare: A Case Study

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DeVilbiss Healthcare

DeVilbiss Healthcare is a leading designer and manufacturer of respiratory medical devices. DeVilbiss primary product lines currently include sleep therapy, pulmonary drug delivery, stationary and portable supplemental oxygen, homecare suction devices, and ENT Professional instruments. (DeVilbiss, 2015).
The History of DeVilbiss

DeVilbiss was first founded in the late 1880’s by Dr. Allen DeVilbiss. The first product of DeVilbiss is a atomizer which can help his patients breathe. Later in the 19th century, in order for Devilbiss to better manufacture their device, Dr. DeVilbiss decided to form an individual proprietorship which later known as The DeVilbiss Manufacturing. In DeVilbiss 125 years history, there were several acquisitions occurred on The DeVilbiss Manufacturing. In the 20th century, the company was acquired by Eagle Industries. Later in 1993, DeVilbiss DeVilbiss was one of five market-leading brands acquired by Sunrise Medical which was later acquired by Vestar Capital Partners in 2000. (DeVilbiss, 2015). The last acquisition was
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The first competitor is called Royal Philips. Royal Philips is a very diversified technology company and the major goal of this company is to improve people’s lives through meaningful innovation. (PHILIPS, n.d) In fact, the healthcare business of Royal Philips makes up to 42% of its global sales revenue and the company currently has 37,00 employees global. Compare PHILIPS with DeVilbiss, PHILIPS has more assets than DeVilbiss and also has more market share than DeVilbiss on global stage. On the other hand, DeVilbiss long history helped DeVilbiss to better understand patients need and more solid technical reserves. When we are working on our Oxygen Concentrator project, we also should look at the system and technology factors inside our machine in order to achieve technological

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