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RECENT DEVELOPMENTS In 2010, MAGGI® launched its “Happiness is homemade” communication campaign which was developed from the brand’s vision of uniting Malaysian families through cooking and sharing moments together around the dining table. “Happiness is homemade” was applied to every strategic move and executed in every piece of communication.

MARKET Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures united through their love for food. Through homecooked food, families come together and share simple joys of life. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, the struggle for time has made such occasions rare, slowly dissipating the beauty of homemade meals and togetherness. MAGGI®’s mission is to bring back the charm and wonders of cooking and sharing by
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Nestle’s main purpose is to manufacture the best quality and most innovative products for consumers, so their logo is “Good Food, Good Life”. Nestle was found in 1866 by Henri Nestlé and has been at the forefront of developing quality products that satisfy the need for good, healthy food. Nestle Holdings had a presence in 83 countries worldwide with 509 factories spread across Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. The company has strong background established in Malaysia since 1912 and with the development and implementation, the first factory in Malaysia was built in 1962. At the same time, Nestle has achieved to develop into 6 factories with around 5000 employees. Nestle analyzed its market and adapted many market trends. At first, the market wanted good and safe food. However, consumer demands became more unstable requiring food to be wholesome and quick to prepare. Nestle need to satisfy their needs by creating the right mix of good, healthy food, with important nutrients that is also tasty and enjoyable as well as convenient to prepare. Today, Nestle has noticing that the market desires products with specific characteristics to suit their specific needs. Furthermore, Nestle was the world leader in many product categories like coffee, mineral water, snack foods, beverages, and chocolates. Nestlé produces over 100 brands, including many household names such as Nescafe, KitKat, Nesquik, Golden

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