Development Of A Child 's Social Emotional Domain Essay example

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The image I have chosen reflects a classroom that would allow the students to learn and develop effectively in the social-emotional domain. The social-emotional domain refers to the area of development that focuses on a person’s social skills and their ability to understand not only their own but also other people’s feelings and perspectives (Mid-State Central Early Childhood Direction Center, 2009). It’s important to nurture this development in a classroom setting as it is a fundamental ability in a person’s adult life and without these abilities it can make life difficult (Mid-State Central Early Childhood Direction Center, 2009). I believe that the most efficient way to foster the development of a child’s social-emotional domain is to create a classroom community, to understand what influences the child and to assist in the formation of identity and self-worth.

Creating community in the classroom
In a classroom building a sense of community is extremely important, it allows the child to feel as though they belong and that the classroom is a safe place in which to learn and develop their social-emotional ability . McMillan & Chavis (1986) constructed a four element structure that creates a sense of community (Wright, 2004). It includes membership, influence, integration and fulfilment of needs and shared emotional events (Wright, 2004). Each of these groups has a unique role in making children feel united in the classroom and each have a role in building…

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