Developing Students ' Knowledge Of Success Criteria Essay

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Upon examining the reviewed literature, there is a noticeable trend amongst the questions guiding their research. For discussion purposes, these principal questions have been combined into three main themes: Improving student understanding of feedback, feedback as a strategy to enhance learning and the effects of feedback on student writing.
Improving students’ understanding of feedback aims to assist in increasing their repertoire of strategies to improve their own learning. Price et al. (2007) explored if expanding students’ knowledge of success criteria, assessment procedure and standards focused on the “social-constructivist assessment process model” effect student engagement in the feedback loop (p.143), likewise, Gan and Hattie (2014) investigated the use of providing prompts to enhance the quality of peer feedback which had favourable results.
Using feedback as a strategy to enhance student learning was another theme identified, again within two reports. Hattie (2009) synthesised information on over 800 meta-analyses on the most influential strategies on student achievement, with feedback ranked in the top ten. Similarly, Fluckiger et al. (2010) found that providing formative feedback to college students improved the teaching and learning process.
Specifically exploring the effects of feedback on student writing directly relates to future action research. This theme was the most dominant with six studies investigating this area. Amongst those, Parr and Timperley…

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