Developing Strong Online Narrative For A Strategic Communication Plan

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Best Practice and Recommendation #2 :
Developing Strong Online Narrative for a Strategic Communication Plan

Narratives at IFFS
As we discussed above, a strong communication plan used for message distribution is a valuable asset for a not-for-profit organization. It contributes to the engagement, outreach, education, volunteering, participation, and fundraising roles of a nonprofit. However, the content should also be considered as an opportunity to craft message to reach to different audiences and stimulate different responses. After analyzing the messages, images, and engagement of IFFS social media and website content, I considered the most prevalent themes and narratives which include concepts of programmatic activity, community partnerships, education, and rhetoric surrounding community hunger.These narratives are constructed with both visual and written content and provide insight for viewers and website visitors into the real-life faces and staff of IFFS. A brief review of the current online narratives created by IFFS include:

Facebook: Excellent use of programming events as forms of engagement and updates for those who follow. (IFFS, n.d.)

Instagram: The images posted highlight the priority that is given to child hunger at IFFS. In addition, the wide variety of partnerships that IFFS works with to create these opportunities to address hunger and nutrition is seen in the choice of images.

Twitter: Twitter is using pictures to engage with followers and uses…

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