Developing My Nonprofit Organization : Connecting With Others And Understanding Their Struggles

1193 Words Nov 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
A major part of developing my nonprofit organization is connecting with others and understanding their struggles in various subjects. I offer classes and events where people can learn and share experiences and grow as a result so my work life often spills into my personal life. One of my co-workers confided in me and asked my opinion on an issue she was having with her daughter. Our children attend different schools in the same network and I know the curriculum to be vigorous and very demanding. She kept getting calls from her daughter’s teacher with complaints. The daughter hadn’t been focusing on her schoolwork, paying attention in class, and had her grades had fallen behind recently. This would be alarming for any parent, but I especially understood what she was going through because I experienced similar problems myself.

My co-worker felt the weight of stress on her shoulders while grasping the idea that the school might have to leave her child behind this year and asked what I thought she might be doing wrong. I didn’t know it at the time, but my advice mimicked the situational approach to leadership. This approach predicts a follower’s engagement and subsequent productivity based on its leader’s skills and ability to adapt. It theorizes that the key to motivating a follower is to adapt to each individual follower’s leadership needs and fluctuates based on the “situation”. Since each follower needs a different amount of guidance and support, this model created two…

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