Essay on Developing A Multicultural Environment Plan

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Developing A Multicultural Environment Plan Educational organizations are responsible for developing and implementing a plan for their schools to embrace cultural diversities. Therefore, creating an environment that is supportive for involving students of diversity in collaborative discussion creates positive opportunities to focus attention on The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLBA) and increase awareness for improving school standards, practices, and accountabilities for PK-12 school settings. Since it is vital to increase awareness among students, it is necessary to improve socialization skills among students. The promotion of awareness at an early age offers opportunities for students to gain a more profound understanding from the perspectives of others while gaining a mutual respect as they continue to learn about multiple cultures. I strongly believe that a multicultural environment enhances a broader knowledge base for students and promotes acceptance of others. Thus, by developing an exposure to one’s own culture and that of others, envelopes gaining the valuable benefits associated with learning the customs, traditions, and beliefs of others. The reality is that a multicultural environment shares applicable insight into the world that we all live in. For this week 's assignment, a plan will be developed for a school to build an environment that supports multiculturalism and will include the following:

1. Explain the need for multicultural education, focusing…

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