Employee Turnover Survey Paper

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Purpose of your dissertation

Organizations of all sizes deal with retention and turnover. Data suggest that turnover leads to detrimental impacts to the functionality, profitability, and overall culture of an establishment. Smith (2015) noted that 21% of employees would change their job in a year’s time. 18 % of employees expressed they were unhappy with their present place of employment. 62% of employees have no intention of finishing out the year of their current job. In the last decade turnover has caused organizations and businesses to reorganize and strategically plan to alleviate the harmful causes of turnover. Fibuch and Ahmed (2015) noted that replacing an employee could cost as much as the departing employees salary, which threatened
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Due to the complexities organizations are searching for methodologies to minimize turnover and retain vital staff. Therefore, my survey will be designed to closely measure the effectiveness that a mentoring counseling program has on employee retention. Creswell (2008) noted that an effective survey design should demonstrate quantitavtiley a description of beliefs of the target population. Furthermore, communicating with specificity is the key to inform the population on why the survey is being conducted. According to Creswell (2008) an effective survey should contain specific component in order to be successful. The first component of my survey design will be that of a cross-sectional design. Consequently, a cross sectional survey will be advantageous for my research due to the high paced work environment, as well as the ability to expeditiously collect data. The methods that I will utilize to collect data will include, but will not be limited to self-administered electronic …show more content…
The advantages of this instrument it that it effectively measures the relationship of employs level of satisfaction in the workplace. The survey utilizes a six point Likert scale with 43 items. Although this instrument demonstrates reliability and validity, my topic of study is more on nurturing and cultivating staff that are licensed by the board. Community based clinicians are trained and licensed by the board of the health department. Similar to nurses where there is also a critical shortage, the instrument must be aligned and designed to discover a correlation of why clinicians exhibit the need to leave an organization or profession all

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