Stark Inc. Case Study

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I’m the VP of human resource department of Stark Inc., a medium-sized paper company. I have taken this position over from the last VP only to find out that there are two major challenges. First, the level of employee relation and engagement is not as efficient as it should be. The focus of employee relation and engagement is moving from ‘collective institution, such as unions, to relations with employees directly. However, the trade union in the paper business remain strong and hard to communicate with. There is a general convention in any work environment that positive physiological contracts yield better economical benefits and strengthen employees satisfaction for better engagement performance. I will focus the effort to tackle this challenge …show more content…
Instead of attending once every 6 months, we should arrange and attend and event at least once every 3 months.
1.1 Review the company’s HR communication. For that I will need to develop a team to attend those events and ensure that union relations are problem free and also engage them in the company’s action planning groups if necessary.
1.2 Engage the trade unions in staff networking events that the company frequently holds. ( The company is organizing a disability event in 2 months and the trade union representative are encouraged to attend with our team. )
1.3 Involve the trade union representative in the health events that our company’s team attend. This way, the trade union representative along side with our team should be able to collaborate and go over the policies and regulations regarding health benefits as it’s one component that the last VP did not focus on.
1.4 keep collaboration with the trade union an ongoing effort for at least 6 months and then save the results. Good relations with the paper trade union should keep our employees retained for at least the next 2 years and would give them the feeling of security and engagement they
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The more employees take the survey, the better and more accurate the results can be. We should notice a pattern of satisfaction or non satisfaction and then we rectify them by establishing counseling programs, more company friendly activities, and reliable reward system.
2.5 The HR department must measure the impact of the projects and initiatives that were implemented from the pulse survey conducted to rectify any issues.
2.6 Go over the successful projects and initiatives to know what led to their success and look for areas that need further improvements in employee engagement across the company.

Second challenge is that the CEO of the company has tasked me with refining the recruiting process as it usually takes long period of times from the start of the posting of jobs opening, to actually hiring somebody that is a good candidate. The way to the accomplishment of any successful business is making the right group of working personnel at the right time, however the approach of searching for, hiring, and selecting the candidates who will be with the company through the voyage should be planned out carefully to achieve that successful

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