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“The Pure Hard Slog That Nursing Is . . .”: A Qualitative Analysis of Nursing Work
Assignment 6
Rebecca Prater
Nursing Theory Nursing 36700
Professor Janet Garwood
November 7, 2014

I choose a study entitled “The Pure Hard Slog That Nursing is…” a qualitative analysis of nursing work. The overview of this study is to explore the factors behind why it is hard to retain nurses in the healthcare field. This study was an interesting read especially while in nursing school because it gave me a point of view of global nursing. The following is a critical appraisal of the study based on the questions on Page 423 in Understanding Nursing Research: Building and evidence based practice and a recommendation for further research.
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The study focuses on problem areas that seem to be the causative factors of why nurses are leaving the medical profession: workload, shift work, financial remuneration, and violence.
3.) What is the study purpose?
The study purpose is to investigate/ explore “the nurse’s perception of the nature of nursing work as a factor that contributes to attrition form the profession” (Fiona)
4.) Does the literature review include current, relevant previous studies and theories?
In the literature review I found that the author has used a variety of resources numbering over thirty-five resources and only five of them from the early 90’s. The only relevant theory that could have been found in the reading was Herzberg, which proposed a factors that would cause nurses leave their profession. (Bogossian, )
5.) Is a particular theory or model identified as a framework for the study? Is a map or model of the framework provided for clarity?
The only theory that I found was the Herzberg theory, which was mentioned in the last question. There were no particular concept map or model to explain or interpret theories. It was mentioned in the reading that this study could be a basic framework for further research, if conducted. (Bogossian,
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Overall the participation generated over sixty pages and comments to provide the data needed for this article to publish. The data was reviewed by the method of the content analysis to interpret meanings, intentions, consequences, and context of the comments by looking at specific patterns and interpreting meanings of the text. (Bogossian, ).

10.) Are the following elements of the sample described? Inclusion and exclusion of sample data? Identify sampling method? Discuss the sample size, power analysis, acceptance rate, and attrition rate.
The inclusion and exclusion of the sample were not described, the sampled method was open end questions in which the nurses would answer and submit. The participants for the study numbered at 7,604 nurses and midwives from the three different countries. The analysis done on the studies was a content analysis which interpreted the data and placed a code upon the comments identifying text patterns and comparing the nurses input. (Bogossian, )

11.) Was institutional review board approval obtained from the university and or agency in which the study was conducted? Was informed consent obtained from the

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