Determinants Of Learning, Developmental Stages Of Learner And Gender, Socioeconomic, And Cultural Attributes Of The Learner

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In this journal I will be discussing three topics. These topics include: determinants of learning, developmental stages of the learner, and gender, socioeconomic, and cultural attributes of the learner.
Determinants of learning must first be decided prior to any teaching being done. The nurse needs to assess for things such as the learner’s readiness to learn, the learning needs, and how the learner learns best. Readiness to learn is deciding at the best time to teach, or the best time the learner will receive the information. For example, if the learner is in a lot of pain, this would not be the best time to expect him to receive any educational information and retain it. Learning needs refers to determining what exactly the learner needs to know. After determining the learner’s needs, the teacher needs to take into account all the most important information that the learner must get and what information could be omitted if there is a lack of resources or time available. This is to ensure that the learner has the pertinent information to remain safe. Lastly, the teacher must assess how the learner learns best. The teacher should analyze if the learner is an extrovert or introvert. This could indicate whether the learner would get more out of the education if they were in a group or individually taught. Another thing the teacher should determine is if the learner is practical or analytical versus being imaginative or preferring to see the whole concept versus details. The…

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