Designing A Specific Product With More Features That Will Be Helpful For Public?

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We have 5 members in our group of whom 2 were male, and 3 were female. After we were assigned the project, we all came together, and made a commitment to do it better, and succeed at it. Firstly, we welcomed ideas from everyone, without setting any criteria. Our project was to reinvent any product with more features that will be helpful for public. It was a very challenging project because we were to redesign a particular product, which should be more appealing to the costumers in terms of features, solution of particular problems, availability, and cost. These kinds of questions brought us to look for the problems in our surroundings, which we can solve from our invention. We happened to look problems with all age groups. We separated our consumer mass in children, teenagers, women, men, and etc. after a lot of thinking, and discussion; a lot of ideas came to the table, and we decided to place a solution to a large population who are victim of lost wallet, and its consequences. Firstly, Identity theft is a major problem that happens from a lost wallet secondly, stress and loosing of all-important belongings is another trouble comes from it. We had few ideas like reinventing reading glasses which can translate language, secure wallet with fingerprint and GPS, tooth brush, desk, knife, etc. we all agreed very interestingly to work on the wallet project. It was everyone’s vote with excitement for the wallet. In my viewpoint the solution we can provide through our product to…

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