Essay Designing A Career For Graphic Design

1953 Words Apr 26th, 2016 null Page
Since elementary school I have always been interested in design. I would spend countless hours in class doodling different logos, and cartoons. I thought to myself what kind of career could I have with something that I love doing. I though long and hard but never really found something that I LOVED that had to do with art. I eventually discovered that I want to pursue a career in graphic design. In high school I took a class in graphic design and completely fell in love. I decided then that I want to be a graphic designer. I went to school at Francis Marion University and decided not only did I want to be a graphic designer that I wanted to own my very own graphic design company. I am current getting a major in business and graphic design. My company will start out as a small organization with a few employees so my human resources department might not be big it is still important in the company. Small companies who have human resource tend to do better than companies who do not. Small companies who focus on training, recruiting, development, have competitive wages and performance appraisals have better growth than companies who do not dedicate time to human resources. In my company we will implement all of these with our human resources. According to the book, human resources in small business and business with one hundred on more employees are different. For one if you have less than ninety employees you wont be able to afford a dedicated HR specialist. Assistants and…

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