Descriptive Writing - Original Writing Essay

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I asked who all showed up to The Catalina when you were there. He said Nubs, and some dude and some chick. Rocky said he does not know who they were. He gave Nubs the key, because he said they were going to go into his room and have some fun. Rocky said okay, I’ll let you all use my bed and my room. I said, so you let them into your room to do whatever they were going to do, have sex, whatever? He said yes. Rocky said that was what he was under the impression of is that they were going to use his room for sex. I asked for clarification purposes, who was all there? Rocky said Nubs and Kayla then another girl, and another guy. Rocky said he then left and walked the other girl to her apartment. I asked where the other girl’s apartment is. He said the pines. Her name started with a “T”. Where were your ex-girlfriend and her sister when everyone showed up? He said they went back home to Tahlequah before everyone got there. That is where he lived before he came to Muskogee. You gave Nubs and Kayla your key card or how did they get in? Rocky said he gave them his key. Okay, so to get into your room, you had to use an actual key. How long were Nubs and Kayla in your room? Rocky said about two hours. As Rocky was walking back to his room he saw Kayla and Nubs driving off. I continued to get a structured time frame from Rocky. Through that time frame, Rocky informed me the red car he saw them driving off in, showed up at The Days Inn. I said from what you are telling me, you…

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