Domestic Violence Report Examples

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On 07/31/2016 at approximately 2230 I was requested to assist with a domestic violence report at 1634 E. 120th Ave Mulvane, KS 67110. E911 advised a male half had pinned the RP's mother up against a wall and had been yelling at the RP. E911 also advised the male had left the residence in a white color, older model pick up truck and drove to an unknown location.

When I arrived at the residence deputies were already out talking with the individuals. I spoke with Deputy Corley who stated the two females standing in front of the house were the two victims. I walked over to their location and began to interview them. The reporting person was identified as Courtney Paige Hartman DOB 12-27-1995, and the other woman was her mother who was identified as Stacy Jean Hillman DOB 06-19-1974. I first spoke with Stacy and asked her what had happened tonight, I asked her to start from the beginning and go clear until the police were called.

Stacy said her boyfriend and her had been arguing all day. I asked who her boyfriend was, she said his name was Donald Storey. I asked what they were arguing about, Stacy said her son was weed eating the property and left the weed eater
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As they began to fill them out I asked Stacy if she could think where Donald would go. She said he was at the neighbors or his parents house. I stayed at the residence as other deputies went to the neighbors and looked for the truck. They were not able to locate the truck so they drove to his parents house at 1321 N. Oliver Rd and looked for the truck. After Stacy and Courtney finished the statement forms I gave them a card with the case number on it. Stacy wanted it because she was going to the court house in the morning to fill out a PFA. About the time I was leaving the residence I heard deputies say they located the vehicle at 1321 N. Oliver. I began that way to talk with

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