Descriptive Writing : Colorado A Place Where There Are Beautiful Snowy Mountains And A Bunch Of Scenery

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Colorado a place where there are beautiful snowy mountains and a bunch of scenery. A girl from Los Angeles, California that would be the weirdest thing to imagine for someone who grew up around beaches and warm weather all the time. That girl was me, I just learned that I was moving from sunny California to bi-polar weather Colorado. Learning that I was moving to a completely different state was one of the hardest and weirdest things for me. During the months of September and October my parents dropped a bomb on us children saying, ¨ So we are moving to Colorado for yours father 's job in a few months.¨ We were in such a state of shock that we didn’t know how to react. It took us a few days to wrap our minds around the idea of leaving all our friends and family and moving to a whole different place. After we finally felt better about the move we had to start packing our belongings so it could get shipped to the new house. Packing was one of the weirdest things to do, having to leave the house I grew up in for 7 years was hard. That’s where all of my childhood memories were and the first place I came to after I was born. We were packing little by little over next few months and having stuff be sent to the new house. But while I was packing I also had to go to school the last couple of months. Those last couple of months at school knowing this was going to be the last time i’m going to see my best friends ,Anna and Veronica. Telling them I was leaving them was super sad…

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