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Chateau Lake Louise

There is something very soothing about looking out over Lake Louise. The reflections from the sky are as smooth as glass. The serenity and peacefulness of the area is unmatched by any other. These are the things I experience when at the lake. The fun and love shown by other couples and friends, makes it a very romantic place to me. I can just sit in a quiet room and close my eyes and listen in my mind the calming moving water coming up against the shoreline.

If I was asked to describe my idea of a perfect getaway vacation retreat, it would be everything that the lake has to offer. To walk along the back side of the chateau and look out into the tiffany blue water is breathtaking. Just to feel the wet sand soft
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Once it is near sunset, everyone quickly clears what they are doing and find a perfect spot to watch the going down of the sun. Some may come to the lake just for the view of the mountains and the snow. Relaxation and spending quality time either alone or the one that you love is alright with me. In the winter time the lake freezes over and becomes one big ice skating ring in between the two mountains on the side. The show glistens on the trees every morning as the sun rises. As you sit in the window of the hotel of the lobby, there’s a clear clean view of the mountain and Lake Louise. There is so much to do here at the lake.

Remembering all the experiences from canoe rides to heli-hiking and cave tours were some of the greatest experiences. But nothing compares to the wonderful fulfillment of sitting and looking at one the most spectacular creations that was ever made in Canada, Lake Louise. An entire summer can be spent at the lake without boredom ever sneaking up. I will never grow weary of telling the memories and explaining every detail moments about being there at Lake Louise. Being at the lake is the best prescription for fun and stress relief there is. The sound of nature and the protected wildlife scenery is sometimes the best cure for insomnia. With the soothing waters, beautiful days and endless activities to occupy time, it doesn’t get any better than that. These are time that you can sit and tell your children and they can pass along the

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