Descriptive Essay - Suspenseful Summer Day

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Suspenseful Summer Day

It’s like you’re just staring at a picture, but instead of it being on photo-paper it’s taking place right in front of you. You almost feel like a ghost in a stand still because all you could do is look. Your ears are turned off for a moment then switches back on as you fade from the blackout. That’s how anxiety feels, but not every moment of it is something bad because it could be a sign of change for the better.

I remember this day starting off like any other one: woke up, got dressed, did my chores, and went straight to the backyard to play. That summer felt hot and humid outside which limited what I could do in the day. Being only nine-years-old, I decided to kick a ball back and forth along the cement wall in the back when all of a sudden I hear my sister, Vanessa call me to go inside, but I didn’t bother obeying her request, neither did I look in her direction. However, I would soon realize, by being dragged inside, this was a serious matter.

As I walked into the house being frustrated, my attitude had changed from the emotion in the room. Everyone in the house felt like statues staring in one direction. I recall myself poking at my brother, Adrian, who was standing in the walkway between the kitchen and the living room, asking him “what’s going on.” I gazed upon my siblings faces not understanding anything that was happening.-- That fateful day my neighbor, Raquel, had gotten into a physical argument with her…

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