Personal Narrative Essay: How Was Your Summer?

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"How was your summer?" Is a question I'm already anticipating. To be honest, I'm not really sure if people will really want to know. "How was your summer?" is just a question you ask to sound friendly and kind. Do you really want to know though? Do you honestly want to hear hours of stories, some more boring than the previous ones, and with short bursts of annoying drama? I know I wouldn't. But of course, I, like just about everyone else, ask that question to people anyway.

When I ask that dull question, because I want to sound friendly and kind, I don't expect much. I expect "Oh, I hung out with friends," or some lame response like that. So, sitting in the car on the way to a summer-long camp staff job, I really can't think of what I'm going to say when I'm asked that question. Mostly because I don't really know what this summer truely entails-- and also because I know that,
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I know exactly where we are. High Ropes. The mother of all, the prized jewel of Army Lake. There's a short, two meter entrance to the open area, tall, thin trees closing it in. Telephone poles stretch high, and elements attach them together. In the distance, there's the end of a zipline as well as a rock wall.

A gathering of people are already clustered to watch a demonstration on the ground. Camp Staff. They're my coworkers. This is the Program Staff's job: to run the high ropes. Madison has already taken off to put on a harness, and I hurry to catch up. I already know what to do: years of being a camper frequenting High Ropes and half a semester of rock wall in gym has me ahead of the rest of untrained staff. I strap into a black strapped sit-harness quickly, eyes ahead on the training going on.

The air is fresh. Birds are singing brightly. The trees are green. I tug at my long-sleeves. I know it's going to get really hot really quick, but it's too late to

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