Descriptive Essay : ' Prairie View '

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Moving from my home in Hockley, TX, to my current home in Plano, TX wasn’t the easiest of transitions for me. Hockley was where my closest family reside, the people I knew growing up, the ones who raised me when my parents were either working or attending college so they can get a job to support me. The ones who played video games with me and, taught me how to fix a fence or mow a lawn. Or take me outside to the field in my great-grandmothers yard and play baseball or football with me. And, where my best friend and others who I cared deeply about lived. But when I moved not all was bad. This wasn’t the first time I had moved, when I was born in Denton, TX, my parents and I lived in a small apartment for nine months before my parents were ready to move down to Prairie View, TX since my mom wanted to attend another college called Prairie View A&M University. After she graduated, we moved across from my great-aunt who I call Annie. After a year my mother gives birth to my sister Kristin, and two years after that came my brother Daiton. Annie would let us go to her house anytime we wanted to because of how close we lived to her house, and how much she loved us. We would always go her backyard and have picnics, eat all the candy she had tried to hide from us and play online games on her computer like Neopets, or games on Nickelodeon’s website until it was time for us to depart. By the time I turned eight we moved yet again, this time to a house we inherited from my…

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