Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Drenched in sweat, she bolted up-right on her flimsy bed in shock, causing the weakened frame to sway. Her filthy clothes clung to her skin and she shuddered from the cold. She gasped for air, finding breathing problematic, unable to intake enough oxygen.
Two hands grasped onto her shoulders. The unexpected touch made her limbs thrash, an attempt to escape from their tight grip. “Aradia! Aradia! Calm down please.”
Recognising the voice even in hushed tones she fell still, turning her head to the comforting face of Tatiana. Pacified at the sight of her friend, Aradia lunged towards her, seizing the nurse into a hug. Tatiana in return placed her arms around Aradia, feeling her body tremble, stroking Aradia’s shaven head in an attempt to soothe her.
They stayed in the embrace for several minutes before Aradia pulled away. Years had passed since she’d received physical human contact that wasn’t violent and this powerful gesture gave her emotional strength. “My visions…They were so vivid. I was in a Korean prison, in Songrim-si. Kwan was there. So many men were massacred.”
Placing the back of her hand to her forehead, Aradia’s eyes widened in disbelieve of her realistic visions, still quivering to the core. She’d never seen a man killed before and the sight had truly disturbed her. Watching the life leave another human she knew would stay with her for the rest of her life. Thoughts of their dull eyes flashed in the forefront of her mind.
Her emotions were running wild,…

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