Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I smoothly drove down the snowy roads, my windshield wipers repeatable swiping across the front of the window to keep my view clear. People roamed about the streets pathetically huddling together in tight embraces to keep warm.

I have had a shit day, literally the worst. My earlier delivery hadn 't exactly gone as plan, it ending a unintended rough brawl.

I tightly squeezed the steering wheel, remembering how I repeatably jabbed my fist into that poor guys face, the feeling on my knuckles still lurking.

I was tired of this. All of it, and I 'm fucking pissed that I can 't do a damn thing about. Not a damn thing. I never thought that doing such a tiny, stupid, thing could get me so far caught up in this mess that 's it 's beyond the point of withdrawing.

Pulling to a stop light, a tiny familiar figure caught my eye yanking me from my angry thoughts.

"Is that?" I whispered to myself, furrowing my eyebrows to get a better look at the distant person.

It is. It 's her, Lori.

She slowly strolled along the sidewalk along, the snow lightly patting against her furry coat.

Don 't stop. Don 't, stop. I told myself.

But she looks so tired, and it 's snowing.

No. Don 't.

She has legs, she is fully capable of walking and can walk home by herself like everybody else does.

I gulped as the light turned green and I pulled forward to slowly pass her, but as she slightly tilted her head down and sneezed cutely, itching her nose with her sweater sleeve, I rashly pulled the car to the…

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