Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“You are at Lookleland. Outside the temperature is 23 degrees Celsius and it’s sunny. Hope you have a fine day,” Meme, Harry Page’s virtual assistant informed him as his self driving car came to a halt outside his office.(DESCRIPTION)
“Thank you, Meme” Harry looked up from the files he was perusing on his foldable microinch thick tablet. He felt the car had arrived too soon. Although he had been preparing for this meeting for the past two months but he still felt as if he needed more time to make sure everything was perfect. This deal, if successful, could make his company the most powerful in the world and him, one of the richest men in the world.
“Would you like the car to be elevated upstairs?” the female voice of Meme asked him.
For the past three days due to the rainy weather, he had asked Meme to drive the car directly into the car elevator to take him to the 123rd floor. Meme had stored the instructions in its memory and as per its programme, after three consecutive repetitions of a task at the same time, had automatically asked Harry whether he would like the car taken to the upper floor today as well.
“No Meme, I would like to walk today,” he said as he folded the tablet like a roll of paper, put it inside his pocket and stepped out. Meme was installed in the computers at his office, car, home and for portability purposes inside his pocket foldable tablet as well. With processing power of 3 Petahertz, a 800 Petabyte hard disk and a 2 terabyte RAM, Meme was one of…

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