Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1606 Words Feb 17th, 2016 null Page
When he first pushed up on me feigning like he was just trying to squeeze by, I tried to just blow it off but it stuck with me after that. Maybe it was because he lingered just long enough. I more than felt him behind me and when I looked back over my shoulder and up into his gorgeous face in shock and saw him with his hands in the air like it was all out of his control and his beautiful blue eyes and just the faintest sign of dimples under a suppressed smile, I don’t know what came over me. I actually pushed my ass back into him and it was completely involuntary. It was as if my mind had to be sure I felt all that I thought I had, and when my body betrayed me and did just that, I knew that I must have turned all shades of red. I snapped out of it and literally had to force myself to pull my ass off of his impressive package and turned forward again like it never happened but my mind was gone and I felt so embarrassed by what just went down. Everything about him permeated all my senses and I could still feel him at my backside and smell his natural pheromones and see his soul through his deep blue eyes even when mine were closed. I was drunk on a moment and I felt so guilty that I wanted, no needed more.

The night was so young still and my girlfriends and I had just gotten there and I was already drunk. I nonchalantly asked my friends if they noticed or knew him and they all were shocked that I was even asking, and they weren’t going to let it go and continued to push it…

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