Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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This...was creepy. Not once in the young boy’s life did he ever even dream of standing in a kitchen, helping his kidnapper make a healthy dinner for him and his new friend. Does he even think of him as a friend? Probably, he certainly doesn 't mind Vincent around. The thought, even though it was pulling at his mind, did keep Vince from having a terrifyingly creepy conversation with McCreeps. He probably hopped that him and the other boys would develop some kind of stockholm syndrome.

Vince shivered, causing the man chopping up celery to break the silence,” Vincent? Is everything alright? Are you cold?”

The boy shook his head,” I’m fine. It was nothing. Honest.”

The chopping started up again,” Alright. You know, as much as this change might be hard on you, we have been starting to become fairly close, wouldn’t you think?”

Vince dared not to look over at the man, in fear of seeing that signature wicked grin. If he thought about it, it kind of made the man seem like a cartoon version of the devil minus the red horns and pitchfork. Or maybe a goat? Like if a spotted goat had a face and smiled…

“Vincent? I asked you a question.”

“Oh!” Vince secretly swore to himself for getting lost in his thoughts,” Ya? What is it?”

Mr. Spider McCreeps chuckled almost darkly,” Oh...just that I believe that we have been getting close as the days go by. Wouldn’t you think?”

Vince did as Kile once told him, to…

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