Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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A January morning chill swept over my bare arms and covered them in thousands of tiny goosebumps. Overnight, the divots in the sidewalk had become the opaque puddles I was attempting to avoid, and the sky was grey and wispy. When the bitter stench of espresso engulfed me, I realized I was passing Leaves and Grounds, where I’d once met Theda. She was not what I had been expecting, wearing a prim white suit and sipping her peppermint tea. I gave her a name for her list. She painted me a picture of grief. As I stepped out of the café’s cloud of stench, I shook the thought from my head. I was on my way to Salus Books, my haven. The Salus brothers, Finch and Jay, owned the exceptionally cozy bookstore on the corner of Lanac and Royla—and also happened to be Burmese cats. Because the brothers were young, and because they had inherited a lump of money from their great-aunt, they decided to build the shop. They also decided that a purple gorilla named Niru would have to be hired for two reasons: 1. Heavy lifting (there is only so much a cat can do without apposable thumbs). 2. His delightful company.
The three of them enjoyed living simply and spent most of their lives in the tangles of the shop. I ambled up another block, and then came upon the door, with its hand-written welcome sign and rectangles of blue-colored glass. Pulling on the iron handle, I stepped into the shop. The familiar scent of aged stories and stale smoke swirled around the hexagonal space, along with an…

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