Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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When I get to 12th street, I see a man standing outside of door in the alleyway. I wave to my neighbor as he drives away. As I approach this quite muscular man, he asks me a question.
“Who sent you?”
“Excuse me?” I inquire.
“Who sent you?”
I think for a long moment and then the answer becomes ever so simple.
“Charles,” I reply.
A moment later I was inside. I am immersed into a different world and only a door separates it from the old one. There are women and men dancing together, but not in a style I have seen before. Their legs are kicking from side to side as they take little hops. I continue to watch, but only a few moments later a women approaches me and drags me into the backroom. A blink of an eye later I am an entirely different person. I have legs and arms as I wear a dress covered with what they call fringe. It is the color of a cloud on a sunny summer day. There is no corset and no bottom bustle. It swishes back and forth as I walk onto the dance floor. For the first time in my life, I finally feel free. I can see the sun through the ocean as I begin to surface. A smile comes across my face from ear to ear, and I begin to dance.
In the following weeks I return every night. I cautiously wait for mother to fall asleep so I can slip on the dress and ride with my neighbor. I have yet to see Charles after all my nights of sneaking to the club and the hope fades quicker and quicker each night I attend.
One night, as I talk with the other girls at the club, I notice him…

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