Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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“Ugh. It’s just so hot! I can’t do anything it’s so hot,” I groaned. Mika looked over at me and mirrored the annoyed expression that I realized was on my face. I quickly wiped away the expression and tried for something a little bit nicer. After a bit I just gave up and lay down on the cement floor of our living room. It was cooler down there so it gave a moment of relief. The floor started to warm up where I lay though so I had to keep moving from place to place so I wouldn’t start to sweat too much.

I was fourteen now and it was October. Towards the end of the year was always the most miserable time for everyone. It was just before the rains came so it was very hot and unbearably humid. During the worst days I couldn’t bring myself to do much. Neither could anyone else.

Once it got to November everyone was desperate for rain to break up the still, hot air. Our favorite pastime became sitting on our back porch watching the clouds, hoping to see a big, dark one coming our way.

Rainy season seemed to come later each year. Maybe it was the anticipation. Maybe it actually was coming later, but once the first rain came everything seemed to right itself. All my problems were immediately forgotten as I ran outside to stand in the rain.

After that first rain came everyone started to plant corn in their fields. Not wanting to feel left out, I also found a spot on our property where I spent hours digging up rows and planting corn, beans and anything else I could get my…

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