Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Prologue I was sitting in the open veranda on my a comfortable chair, sipping, enjoying cold coffee and breeze of early cold morning-a la the coffee had been my favorite since when I had first taken in at CCD on my friend 's birthday as treat. It was morning, the sun yet on horizon, sounds of prayer touched my ear when I remembered it�s further verse. I followed it to more myself. "Jaise aap karoge, vaise hi bharoge. As each sip gulped in, wave of the past flashed into mind becoming bigger and bigger. It was the past, a mere past but that would always be ready to haunt me. My eight years old kid stepped out of house, came towards me and sat directly into my lap which was distracted, broken train of joining thoughts. "Pappa, what is a friend?" I was getting shocked by his sudden and unexpected question which no one had asked me so far. But I knew something; a reason was behind asking it. So, avoiding answer indirectly, I asked him, "Why?" "Teacher gave us an assignment in class to write about 'your favorite friend ' yesterday." "Then, did you complete it?"
He shook his head and continued, "I wrote 'friend is need friend is indeed ' slogan on the top of paper." "Yep, friend is need friend is indeed!" "But Pappa, if there is no friend to anyone or what if friend didn 't come to rescue?" "No, everyone has friend and they always come." "But Pappa, you don 't have a friend." "How? Ayush and Prakash uncle came home at last week. They are my friends."…

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