Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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The next morning, I clenched my head from a dull headache, rolled my head against the arm of the couch, then noticed Claudius seated beside me.
“I see you are awake.” His voice was a welcome sound.
“Thanks for saving me. Things haven’t been the same without you.”
“I preferred the old you. Not the girl who passes out in some maladroit actor’s arms upon meeting him. I miss you Maricel, the real you.” He accosted me, then rose. Before I could get a word in, as I leapt up to follow, but he vanished. Instantly, I remembered Leslie worried for her safety and I called for her, but received no answer and I got up to search for in her room. My fingers fumbled over my phone as I texted her.
I jumped at the sound of a knock at the door in the middle of messaging her and answered the door mortified to see my mother. Before I had left Holcomb, I fixed her a plate of breakfast for with a note attached on her nightstand. It explained my secret lifelong passion to move to New York and become an actress on Broadway. Excelling in the arts would never be good enough for her. Yet that was what spoke to me. Now she stood at my doorstep three years later, and I worried she was upset with me. “May I come in?” She tapped her foot. I wondered why she had shown up, especially at the worst possible moment. I took a deep breath, and welcomed her in. The sound of wheezing coming from the kitchen stole my attention. “What in the world is that noise?” Her head swiveled around.
“Just a second” I…

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