Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Saturday afternoon, I was lying in bed and my mom touched my shoulder to wake me. I glanced at the clock; it was 2 pm realizing I had slept through most of the day. “Julian, your brother is on the phone” she says handing me the phone off of my nightstand.

“Hello” I said in a raspy voice.

“Eww, you have stankin breath!” Johan joked.

I laughed and responded with “Shut up!”

“Julian, you want to hang out today?” Johan asks.

“Sure, what you want to do?” I inquired. I could tell he didn’t have any plans so I went ahead and suggested, “Let’s go to the movies!”

“That sounds cool; tell mom I’ll be there in an hour, to get dressed.” He ordered.
“Okay bye”

I got up to pick out something to wear. My mom had been up all morning washing our laundry. My closet smelled like dryer sheets and detergent. I loved having fresh clean clothes to put on so I immediately took out one of my favorite shirts and a pair of Levi jeans. I then proceeded to shower.

My mom invited one of her girlfriends over for tea. They were sitting in the room watching a rerun of some talk show that they had missed over the week. I enjoyed hearing my mom laugh. She could make anything sound like it was really funny, no matter how lame I thought it was. I yelled to her, “Ma, I’m getting in the shower! Johan is coming to pick me up!” She calls back, “Okay son!”

About 10 minutes into the shower, I heard someone beat on the door. “Hurry up!!!” the voice shouted.

“Leave me alone” I screamed. I kept…

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