Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I grew up in a small town in the countryside in the North of Denmark. A beautiful place right at the edge of the forest. Our local Green Grocer was called Steen and his shop was just a little further down at the end of our road. From the moment I learnt to ride my bike, my Mum would send me on little errands. If we needed milk for breakfast, or flour for baking, or carrots for my favourite butterbrotpaket, I would hop on by bike and race down to get them for her. I used to feel so grown up, collecting the items and packing them in the little canvas bag my mother gave me. The place was magical, a real melting point of all things, from the characters that went in, to the gossip they spread, like when I heard my best friend Lars’ mother tell a neighbour she was expecting another little boy, and I let the cat our the bag before his mother had chance to tell him. I just couldn’t keep it in! I was so excited… But the real ulterior motive for my visits was Steen’s beautiful daughter ‘Ditte’, with her long blonde hair, who sometimes used to stand behind the counter helping at the cash desk. She made me blush every time I saw her.

You see, the local grocer is something that is deeply woven into the fabric of our idea of the ‘ideal’ community. The place, like in my hometown, where you would go and feel like you belonged, as you bought the things you needed to cook for your family, from someone that you trusted in, where you knew the products were…

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