Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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It was another typical morning in the streets of Boston. People rushing to their jobs and their hand gripping tightly the cup of mug carefully trying their hardest not to spill or bump into others. My mother and I were headed to our favorite diner called “South Street Diner” it was famous for its fluffy, extremely warm, covered in powdered sugar pancakes. We sat down in the booth waiting for our to go order, as soon as I heard my mother’s name being called I spotted a small object on the table from the corner of my eye. The object was shiny and a bit rusty. I realized it was an instrument, a harmonica to be exact. “Let’s go Sophia!”, I heard my mother say. I quickly took the harmonica and headed out the diner. My mom noticed the harmonica and said, “Where did you find that?” she asked curiously. “I found it on the table at the Diner” I said. I pressed the cold and shiny object on my lips and tried to play, I won’t say it was beautiful because from the look on my mother’s face she wasn’t grinning at the sound. My mother, calmly placed her hand on my shoulder and said, “Don’t worry honey, it takes practice”. She had a point I had never held an instrument nevertheless play one, although I was determined to improve on the harmonica. I was 11 years old now, sitting on the edge of a crosswalk playing my heart out to the harmonica I had found exactly a year ago. As I took a small break, I saw a family of four walking on the crosswalk with beaming smiles and throwing their heads…

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