Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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This drive was taking forever! My legs were cramped, I couldn 't fall asleep, and my rabbit 's tiny claws were digging into my thighs. And there were still two more hours in this car. I might die.

"Almost there, girls! Aren 't you excited?" My dad asked me and my sister.

"To get out of this damn car? You betcha," I said. He thumped my forehead. "Ow! What was the for?" I whined.

"Language, missy," he scolded. "You 're setting a bad example for Harmony." I stuck my tongue out at him, and he did the same to me.

This is basically our relationship; mainly joking and play fighting. We hardly ever fight, and I hope it stays that way. He 's a really great dad, and I love him to pieces. The same goes for me and my younger sister, Harmony. Our family is really chill, and it was even more so when my mom was around.

My mom was an avid music lover, hence my name, Viola, and my sister 's name, Harmony. Sadly, she recently passed away due to a rare type of bone cancer that wasn 't treatable. She was the most amazing woman I 'd ever had the chance of knowing. My mom was one of my best friends; I told her everything, and she never once put me down for it. She was nice to everyone, always smiling at strangers on the street. I miss her like hell, but she 's in a way better place now.

My mom 's passing was the main reason for the move. That, and my dad got a great paying job that required him to move. Luckily, since it was such short notice, the company he works for paid for the lease and…

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