Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Leaning back against my closed door, I sink to the ground with my eyes shut. Even with my headphones on and music cranked almost all the way up I can still hear the faint shouts of mom and dad screaming at each other. Again. Glancing at the clock, which reads 12:20, I stand up and go to get my pj’s. I was still dressed from hanging at Teren’s house across the street. He’s my best friend and I always sneak out to go to his house when my parents are fighting. I usually sneak back in through the basement but tonight it was locked so I had to brave the front door.
The shouts got so loud I cringed. They had thought that I was in my room, and then blamed each other for not checking in on their daughter, and for letting me get so out of control. Okay, I have to admit it, I wasn’t the best daughter, but there was no need to scream about it. I place my sweatpants and tee-shirt on the bed and look out my window, which overlooks the front yard, to see Teren’s light still on and a shadow passing the window. Back and forth, back and forth, I watch until I can take it anymore, and I pick up my phone and call him. I see the figure stop in front of the window.
“Hello?” A distressed, hoarse voice asks.
“Come on Ter. Get your act together, and quite worrying about me. I could see you pacing in your room.”
Silence. Then soft chuckles.
“Melaney, you are a piece of work.” I smile and look out to see him looking back at me through his window. I’m about to say something else when I hear…

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