Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Beep Beep my alarm clock rang. It was the day I get to use my Bible bucks. I jumped out the bed. Landing on my side. “Well that 's 8 lives to go,” I exclaimed. I then bounced right off the floor to my brother’s bed. Tap tap tap
“Wake up bro!” I screeched.
“Wah, huh, what’s today’s date?” My brother questioned.
“What are you talking about? Today is Sunday.” I replied.
“Oh, wake me up in five minutes,” He said falling asleep.

… 10 minutes later. “ Woo, that was the best shower I took,” I howled jovially while jumping out the bath tub. As I was about to put lotion on I heard the doorknob jiggled.
“Whoa it’s so foggy on here … did you take a shower in volcano hot water?” My brother asked with a little smirk.
Paying no mind to him, I slowly walked out the bathroom. “Make sure you dress up fast so we wouldn’t go late,” My brother said.
“Okay!” I barked with annoyance.
“Why you getting so angry for?” He asked with a stern face.
“Nothing,” I gloomily said.
“Okay now go put your clothes on,” He demanded.
I walked out the bathroom. BOOM the door shut. Nothing going to ruin this day. I thought to myself. After I finished dressing up. I went straight to my cabinet. I picked up my Bible bucks.
“5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 90, 100, 120! Yes I have enough money to buy me a big fluffy teddy bear,” I yelled with excitement while pretending to cuddle with the teddy bear. “Emmanuel, come upstairs , it 's time for us to go to church.” My mom yelled.
Thump, thump thump. I heard someone walking…

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