Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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He ached to lower his hands further, grip tighter, slip his fingers underneath his mate 's belt, tug away his clothes. How easy it would be, how painfully, perfectly easy it would be to pin him to the ground, tug Amaimon to his hips roughly, pull away those frustrating clothes. How easy it would be to push himself inside of the earth King, to kiss him roughly, hear him moan, let them reach climax together. All of it made his head spin. Mephisto playfully nuzzled Amaimon 's cheeks as he struggled jokingly "mm, well someone 's got to keep you in line. If I didn 't get onto you about it who knows how much of a tease you would become, my love," he lifted Amaimon up into the air as easily as it he were a child with his strength, lifting the younger above him and spinning around once before pulling him back into that dangerous closeness. He let their fronts grind together ever so slightly, enjoying the exhilarating rush the pleasure seared through his veins. So easy. He leaned in, murmuring quietly in the earth king 's ear "if I told you to take me right now Amaimon...would you?" How he hated to wait, how he longed to be with his mate in that intimate manner. One that happened almost every single day, yet never got old. "Would you end this waiting?"

He smiled softly, running a gentle hair through Lilah 's blondish brown locks, still so very short and soft. It was perfect to be so close to his beloved husband, and now, their child. It was an incredibly new bond. He had served as…

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