Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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You 're just a confused little kid.
Of course, confused is not exactly your go-to word when describing yourself. Friendly, kind or even funny, those are the words that describe you pretty accurately, and once upon a time, in a different timeline, just a couple of weeks ago, you were the embodiment of determination.
It seemed to you like everything was in the right place - monsters fleed from the Underground, you and your newly-found family were happy and your mind was unusually, but blissfully quiet. All was well.
There was one person left behind. Asriel - or rather Flowey kept you awake at night. It wasn 't enough for you to reset, though. You have learned your lesson.
The first time you freed the monsterkind, you reset for Flowey. Thinking there might be a way to save him, you hit the button. And then the world ended in dust.
The second time you freed the monsterkind, you brought a passenger to the surface. Not Flowey, though, he stayed in the Underground with a promise to take care of the flowers in the castle. Your happy ending did not last long. You watched the sunset the day before and when the night fell, the world ended in blood. So you hit the button and resetted the timeline. You started anew. And then, once again, the world ended.
The third time you freed the monsterkind, your happily ever after lasted hardly a week. The history repeated itself and it seemed like you were doomed to dance to the same music again, stuck in the never-ending cycle. And once…

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