Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1628 Words Mar 1st, 2016 7 Pages
I walked on and on through the desolate wasteland of what used to be my neighborhood. The shattered glass crunched underneath my feet. Something had me attracted to this place, I don’t know why but I loved it here. I barely had any recollection of my past life or let alone my own name. When I awoke I found myself lying on the ground of an abandoned grocery store. My mind was racing, not understanding what was going on. It was an ambiguous decision, but I still did it. I started up walking around thinking, not knowing what to do. I headed towards the park area and sat down on a nearby bench to settle down. I was lost in thought, sometimes when I was here I would hear voices either that or it was just me hallucinating. Slowly, I stood up from my thinking and I had come to the conclusion that me simply sitting there wouldn 't get me anywhere. Getting up off my lazy behind and out of the park and wandered down the street and into the building where I was planning to take shelter. There was an ample amount of food. Canned food. That high priority was checked off my list, one less task to worry about. Thinking to myself, what was the next step? I couldn’t have been the only survivor could I? The next day I was aroused by the smell of something burning, I thought it was the building, but it was yet again just my mind playing tricks on me. I couldn’t bear to live like this much longer. Everything after the nuclear has made my life miserable. Although it’s not like my life could’ve…

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