Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

1262 Words Sep 28th, 2016 6 Pages
Sitting silently I pick up the very same pen that I had just recently moments ago put down in frustration. I go in for another attempt to write and build up a large assortment of words. As a few seconds pass, with the pen firmly gripped in my right hand, the pen and paper come together. Disregarding my momentary lapse of a creative flow, I stare down at the endless rows of horizontal blue lines. Memories surface of myself being in this situation many times over, especially being creatively stuck before I break through. Finally, contact is made to the page and the tip of the pen where the ink seems to gently glide across the paper. Creating a universe and giving life to anything I choose to declare. The words begin to flow freely like a river after a long night 's rainfall. Different ideas of what to write come to the forefront of my mind. This sequence of events is something that I had become familiar with since I was a child. I slowly glance up at the clock and give an affirmative nod of approval. I’m not approving the time, no, I’m actually silently exclaiming my position as a writer. Growing up I was always interested in creating short stories when given the opportunity in school. Teachers would give certain guidelines to which they wanted the story to revolve around, and I would provide just what they wanted. It wasn 't before too long that I was simply writing for my own pleasure without having to be assigned anything from a teacher. Eventually,…

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