Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Arianne Rodriguez ENC 1101a

Another wonderful morning; today, I woke up very, very, very anxious, like a dog, when he hears his owner arrive. I opened my eyes so fast, and I began to sing very loudly: She will be loved by Maroon 5, one of my favorite songs, and also, one of the most romantic, lovely, tender… video clips which leaves me with goose bumps. My boyfriend was sleeping and said to me very strongly: “Ari, coooono…es demasiado temprano, podrias parar de cantar y de moverte al menos por un singao minuto por favor? Podrias parar the joder?” (Ari, fuck… it is too early in the morning, can you stop singing and moving at least for a fucking minute please? Can you stop bothering me?) Then, my mind flew back, back, back…I was in my small, but beautiful, incredible island, Cuba, where people are friendly, affectionate, attentive… even though they are poor. The sky was orange. It was a sunny day, a really hot, hot, hot day. I was only 11 years old; I was beginning to be a naughty teen in 2005.
At that time, I was very short and skinny like a lizard with Chinese brown eyes and long blonde hair. I was a happy little girl, who could not be seated in a chair for more than three minutes, no matter where I was, including at the school. I could not be a normal quite girl because that was so, so, so boring for me.
I was playing in the spacious, green and fresh back yard with one of the loves of my life: my first puppy, a loving and playful dog called Ringo. My back yard…

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