Personal Narrative Essay: The American Dream

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The American dream wasn’t how it was described. Coming to America was overwhelming especially coming from a country where school is the only hope in life, went from being told there 's literally money growing on trees to staying in shelters was a disappointment but let 's start from the beginning.
People say it’s hard to remember your young childhood but at five years old I, I remembered everything starting when I lived in Egypt with a single mom that had no family around in another foreign country to rise four children on her own not having a job living in a rundown one room apartment with five people, and two bed’s. I remember it like it was yesterday seeing my mom sitting in the living room on the cut up, scratched red brownish sofa
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Never had enough to pay fees and I remember one time I hid under the rust brown table that was located at the back of the classroom when the principal came to take everybody 's fees and looking through the holes of the table in front of my to see if she was looking for me. I didn 't have the money for the fee that month. I was too embarrassed to tell her I didn’t have the money again. I knew I was going to be in trouble and get hit in front of the whole school like last time.Having to stand in front of all the student in all baby blue uniform and getting hit with a ruler on the hand for not paying and having to go through the painful and shameful feeling in front of the whole school wasn’t worth it . So I hid under the table until she called everybody 's name include mine too noticed I wasn’t in class.That showed how much the teachers really cared for me or any struggling …show more content…
We went into all white room with pale white sofas and chairs, into a room that made you feel like you are going to lose your mind if you don 't get out any time soon, but we went through the interview with the white lady with a bright yellow hair that made your eyes hurt with a smile that you know was fake from a mile away. she had on dark blue shirt and black dress pants and even me at five years old can tell that this was not going to be easy.All of the sudden here we are on a plane on our way to this country that we don 't know anything about. Language, culture, and many more but we were told that when we came to America that everything was going to be easy like the American dream every news talks about but boy was it a dream they sold

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