Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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I was awaken by the sound of the most annoying beeping. Moaning, I told Keagan to turn it off. Beginning to get annoyed, I opened my eyes to find Keagan and myself entangled together. I felt so safe with him. However, his phone was still beeping and I was getting more annoyed by the second. I shook him and he still didn 't get up. Groaning and reaching over Keagan, I grabbed his iphone off my night stand and turned off his alarm.
“Do we have to get up?” Keagan asked sleepily.
“Yes,” I smirked. “You owe me a fun date, so I’m going to take a quick shower and get ready and we’re going.” I sauntered into my closet to pick out an outfit. Then I realized I didn 't know what we were doing.
“Keagan,” I hollered from my closet. “Where are we going? I need to know so I can choose an outfit accordingly,” I said examining my closet.
“We’re going roller skating and to dinner.” he acknowledged. I chose a tank top that said ‘I Woke Up Like This’ in bright red letters and chose a pair of dark wash jeggings.
After grabbing my matching bra and panty set, I from Victoria 's Secret I headed to the bathroom to shower. Opening Pandora, I picked the 2000’s Hip Hop and R&B station. Following my dance party in the shower, I dried off and applied a generous amount of lotion to my body. While waiting for my skin to soak up the lotion, I slipped into my robe and headed to the vanity in my room to do my hair and makeup. When I entered ,my room Keagan was still laying on my…

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