Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Everyone I met melted in the palm of my hand. They all loved me. Now, I strike fear into the hearts of all men. It all started when I was nine, on a hot, humid afternoon. All because of innocent, little Elizabeth.
Elizabeth was my neighbor, she was such a sweet girl. I would have even considered us friends. We used to run around in our backyards. The more we played together, the more I noticed how obedient she was to the things I asked of her. That’s when I started to have some fun. I started with small things like picking some beautiful flowers from the house next door. I slowly started to get bored. What fun is someone who mindlessly does what she’s told? So I started to up my antics. First just a little, like taking one of mean, old Mr. Snider’s prized peaches. Then I started to have some fun and I just kept at it until it was so much a part of me that changing would mean changing all of who I was. I still blame her mindless stupidity for my aggressive nature. Especially one day in particular.
On that fateful day, Elizabeth was happily skipping past my house and I was determined to ruin her day.
“Hey Elizabeth,” I hollered. “Come here, I want to play a game.” Elizabeth exclaimed, “Sounds fun Debra! What kind of game?” I smiled menacingly knowing she wouldn 't question what I was going to ask. She mistook my smile as a sign of friendship.
We playfully ran to my backyard, where I grabbed a bucket and handed it to her. “What are we going to do with this?” She…

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