Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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She wouldn 't stop taunting or teasing, or swatting back his verbal volleys with ones of her own, regardless of the two fingers buried in her wet pussy, and the moans Duane elicited with his constant ministrations. Moans that were only exceeded in volume and intensity by Duke 's own breathy gasps of arousal when her hand joined her thigh, and she caressed his erection through the fabric of his trousers.

Duke twitched and his eyes rolled in his head, as his hips spasmed and he instinctively ground against her, needing more. Karmen was driving him frigging crazy, and it wasn 't just because of the long build-up, the talk and the banter, but what it had let to. The salty taste of the singer 's skin as he licked and nibbled, the sounds escaping her mouth, expression on her face and look in her eyes, accompanied by the sensation of her wet cunt clamping around his dextrous fingers had the man in a lust-filled frenzy.

He 'd issued the retort in regards to her fantasising about other men arousing him, without conscious thought, stemming from their discussion outside, but it had the effect of turning him on more. Why, he didn 't know, as it wasn 't a comment he 'd ever have made to another, but Karmen was different from any other woman he 'd encountered, and possibly that was the answer. If it was good for a man to sow his oats, before he settled down, why not a woman. Maybe he was simply a man ahead of his time? Alternatively it could be that he was scared of falling for a woman…

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