Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

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Bahauddin grabbed for a place to rest his hand while he lifted his feet, climbing through the shaft, out of the caverns. Every crack of stone was filled with overgrown moss, As he rose, he could see the sky was just before nightfall. The only sound around was the howl of the wind, and the keys clanging against each other like a windchime during a breezy spring afternoon. Ascending up the shaft, he was cautiously concentrating for each and every placement of his hands and feet, careful not to slip. Bahauddin’s hand grasped the top of the shaft. The sky was painted with brush strokes of blood orange, reflecting a glare off the keys. Outside, it had looked like a warzone. No buildings fully structured, not a person in sight, just crumbs of past homes. The outsiders were here, looking for the valuables around Bahauddin’s neck. He gazed off into the distance, zoning out while the rush of wind sliced through his hair and beard. A sense of success jolted through Bahauddin’s mind. After exploring and fighting for the past three decades, he realized that he had finally found the holy grail, what had been causing a war right now. His fingers ran against the chilly, solid metal keys, they were his; all his.

Bahauddin started to examine the city. There was nothing left of Balabad, the Shahoodor tribe had been looking for him, looking for the keys. He had noticed a cannon breathing out smoke, but no one was around to fire it. Who had fired the blast that knocked Bahauddin to the…

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